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NINC 2013 – Update III


It’s now official. We’re halfway through the planning period for the October conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our guest speaker list is falling into place. Registration opened several weeks ago, and many of you have already signed up and secured hotel rooms. A number of guest speakers have been confirmed, and we have a bunch of feelers out to other industry professionals. Among the confirmed is F. Robert Stein, a literary rights attorney for almost 30 years. Bob counsels and represents authors, literary agents, book publishers, and others in publishing negotiations and disputes. He also reviews book manuscripts prior to publication for libel, copyright, and other problems, and he represents film producers in the pre-release review of screenplays and films.

The committee has been paying attention to the NINC Link conversations about contracts, agent agreements, electronic rights, etc. NINC members will recall that Bob has written a column for Nink, “Ask The Lawyer.” Bob will be taking part in First Word on Thursday, October 24, giving us hints on the contract minefields to watch out for, especially in the digital age. Bob will take his participation a step further by conducting six (count ‘em, six) mini legal sessions during the conference, each covering an issue of importance to writers. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions the attendance for each session will be limited to six members (count ‘em again, six). The committee has decided that the best way to select attendees is by a firstcome, first-served basis. A specific date will be chosen in late summer that will open for enrollment in the six sessions. (Members, wherever you live, will have to pay close attention to the proper time zone.) Members will only be permitted to apply for one session so as to give the greatest number an opportunity to participate.

So, look out for reminders in upcoming bulletins for the application date. On your mark…get set…


Visit the conference website for updates. The committee will be adding breaking news as it happens. Be part of the conversation! We are asking all members who    

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