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Author Support 2.0

By the time you get the October issue of Nink you’ll be planning those last minute to-do lists before leaving for Myrtle Beach and the NINC 2013 Conference. We know you’re prepared to learn, engage, participate, listen, question, challenge, and enjoy. But, here are just a few more thoughts to keep in mind:

Last year at the conference, Julie Ortolon introduced the concepts of authors teaming up to create a lifeboat to support each other’s marketing and platform building efforts. Many NINC members have gone on to create their own groups. Some have been successful (and innovative, which those of us lucky enough to go to the conference will hear all about). Some have struggled to juggle time, money, and expertise. But, based on the teams that were established as a result of last year, the concept is clearly a sound one and worthy of pursuit.

Some of the questions that have arisen are:

  • How can you find people with complementary skills to join your team?

  • What are the top three important things for a team to do when they are time strapped?

  • Exactly what plans are necessary to build a solid Author Support Lifeboat?

  • How much time should go into author support vs writing?

  • Is any of this really working? How can we measure it?

This year at the conference, we will be creating templates to help authors who are starting or fine-tuning their efforts to form author support groups. These templates will give every attendee a concrete action plan with steps they know they have the time, money, and expertise to accomplish in 2014.

We’ll be looking forward to sharing those templates and concrete steps with other interested NINC members who were not able to attend the conference, too. “Author Support” is the watchword for the conference.

If you are interested in getting a copy of the template(s), or helping in developing and fine-tuning them before the conference, please contact

Kelly McClymer, NINC Conference Co-Chair

Legal Advocacy

As if you haven’t heard enough about the legal mini-sessions at the conference, here is the FINAL word on the event. Again, following the many threads on the NINC loop over the summer, it’s confirmed that many members have legal, or quasi-legal, questions that can be readily addressed by our attending legal expert,    

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