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There have been many questions about the conference’s Author Support Team (AST) sessions, so we thought we’d answer them here in Nink, with some specifics.

Because AST encompasses everything from full project management to specific task involvement like formatting, editing, or marketing, we have to emphasize that not all AST sessions will be right for everyone. This year we’re looking at all the possibilities in a broad way, because our theme is “The Author’s World” and authors are just beginning the journey of discovery for new and different kinds of support.

Here are some of the sessions that may be of interest to Author Support Teams:

Breaking News From the Self-Publishing World: Hear from Mark Coker of Smashwords, Mark LeFebvre of Kobo, Nina Paules of e-Publishing Works, and others on the front lines of the indie publishing world. Useful in order to help Author Support Teams see how their work fits into the bigger picture of author success.

How To Build An Effective Lifeboat Team: Hear from NINC members who put together Lifeboat teams based on last year’s conference sessions. What’s working? What can work better? How can you form your own? Useful in order to help Author Support Teams see how their work fits into the bigger picture of author success on a cooperative scale.

Q and A with Author Support Teams: Get tips from those who have been creating in-house author support teams and seeing great results. Useful in order to help Author Support Teams determine what more can be added to the teamwork already in place.

Passive Marketing: Randy Ingermanson explains how to set up a system that markets while you sleep (or write). Useful for AST marketing, web design, and newsletter people.

Is Your Webpage Doing All It Can For Your Career? Julie Kenner presents two hours of in-depth information on how to use your webpage to sell the author’s brand and books. Useful for AST marketing, web design, newsletter, social media, and blogging people.

ROUNDTABLE — Best Practices for Authors and Author Support Teams: AST professionals and authors discuss best practice for working together efficiently and effectively. Useful for all AST professionals   

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